Lesson Planning


The following C-map contains information about lesson planning and technology
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Lesson Planning
  1. There are some steps we have to take into accoint in order to plan classes using Technology.
    1. Plannig a Technology class is similar to planning a curriculum unit.
      1. When planning an English class there are some aspects that we have to take into account:
        1. HOW students aqcuire the knowledge and skills.
          1. HOW students demonstrate and apply the knowledge and skills.
            1. HOW learning will be assessed or evaluated.
            2. STEPS 1-4
              1. 1. Examine curriculum documents: select the topic and identify learning abjectives (syllabus)
                1. 2. Determine knowledge and skills: Determine students' background (in this way we can choose the material we are going to use and the objectives we want to achieve)
                  1. 3. Research the technology standards that correlate or fit your lesson (ISTE STANDARDS)
                    1. 4. Write an appropriate general competency and select the appropiate digital competencies.
                    2. STEPS 5-7
                      1. 5. Select a Technology Product to Apply Learning: choose a technology-based product for students to create and use the skills they need to aqcuire or strenght.
                        1. 6: Know your resouces: Room, space, technological resources, intenet connection, timing
                          1. 7: Select a Method of Assessment and Criteria for Evaluation: determine the method of assessment
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