"mind map" sobre depressão
wilian dia
Mind Map by wilian dia, updated more than 1 year ago
wilian dia
Created by wilian dia over 2 years ago

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  1. try to set aside
    1. things that hurt you
      1. social networks
      2. try to do more
        1. stay more with the family
          1. watch a movie
            1. talk
            2. stay with friends
              1. go out to eat
                1. go to the park
              2. have aweekly routine
                1. play sposts
                  1. gym
                    1. swimming
                    2. go to the psychologist regularly
                      1. practice yoga
                      2. do things you always wanted
                        1. adopt a dog
                          1. stroll and play with him
                            1. take care of his needs
                            2. travrel
                              1. take a cruise
                                1. meet the maldives
                                  1. know Canada
                                2. create habits
                                  1. get a diary
                                    1. write how was the day
                                      1. write what doesn't make you feel good
                                        1. write what makes you feel good
                                        2. take care of a horta
                                          1. plant fruits and vegetables
                                            1. watering
                                          2. try to do less
                                            1. be alone
                                              1. isolate yourself
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