Unhealthy and healthy habits


English research about habits
Denise Said Jannini
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Denise Said Jannini
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Unhealthy and healthy habits
  1. Unhealthy habits
    1. Eating too much
      1. Unhealthy eating
        1. Ice cream
          1. Hot dog
            1. Bacon
              1. Potato chips
                1. Soda
                  1. French fries
                  2. Not drinking water
                    1. Not having a routine
                    2. Healthy habits
                      1. Practice físicas activities
                        1. Have a good night of sleep
                          1. Eat well
                            1. What you should eat.
                              1. Avocado
                                1. Vegetables
                                  1. Olive oil
                                    1. Red fruits
                                      1. Watermelon
                                        1. Water
                                          1. Fish
                                        2. Drink water
                                        3. How much time does your brain take to create a new habit ?
                                          1. 66 days of doing the activity everyday.
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