Four ways to make someone else smile


Cuatro maneras de hacer a alguien sonreír más
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Four ways to make someone else smile
  1. The world is surrounded by bad news, it may feel like an unhappy place sometimes
    1. But, if you make even one person smile today, you can help make this world a better place.
    2. 1º: Send a handwritten letter
      1. Using social media to send a message or write a few words on paper to a friend can be an easy way to make a positive impact, that could really brighten someone's day
      2. 2º: Be a volunteer
        1. Requiring some time and research to find the perfect project, you're one of the nicest things you can do
          1. You can volunteer for a group, find a hobby or easily help someone
            1. There are so many opportunities, that you will find without taking up much time
        2. 3º: Make something for a special person
          1. Taking time to make something for someone else shows how much you aprpreciate them
            1. Even if you think you're not creative, the recipient will feel lucky to get such a unique gift that ypu put your precious time into
          2. 4º: Tell someone "I love you"
            1. You can say I love you to your family, friends or boyfriend/girlfriend, so they will see that you care
              1. You don't even have to say I love you, maybe you can tell someone that you appreciate everything they are to you. Sometimes in our busy lives we forget to take a moment to tell people what they mean us
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