Useful expressions in essay writing


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Maria Alzira Soares
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Maria Alzira Soares
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Useful expressions in essay writing
  1. Opinions
    1. in my opinion
      1. in my view
        1. it seems to me that
          1. as far as I am concerned
            1. many people feel
            2. Agreeing
              1. I agree with
                1. I broadly agree with
                  1. there is some truth in
                    1. according to
                      1. I am in favour of
                      2. Disagreeing
                        1. I disagree with
                          1. I strongly disagree with
                            1. Other think that
                            2. Expressing contrast
                              1. (On the one hand)... On the other hand
                                1. however
                                  1. nevertheless
                                    1. although
                                      1. while
                                        1. on the contrary

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