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  1. Type of verb that is used to indicate modality
      1. We use must, have to, or need to to express obligation
        1. We can use must to talk about the present or future
          1. We can use have to and need to talk about present, past or future
            1. We must buy some bandages
              1. You´ve never had to study hard
                1. To talk about someting that is not necesary we use don´t have to or don´t need to
                  1. You don´t have / need to call an ambulance
                  2. To talk about something that was not necessary in the past, we use didn´t have to or didn´t need
                    1. I din´t have / need to take a tablet
                  3. PROHIBITION
                    1. We use can´t to say that something is not allowed
                      1. You can´t be late for your checkup
                    2. POSSIBILITY
                      1. We use may, might, or could to express possibility in the present or the future.
                        1. We do not use could in negative sentences.
                          1. This may / might / could be the way to the hospital cafeteria
                            1. We use may / might / could + have + past participle to talk about possibility in the past. We do not use could in negative sentences.
                              1. She didn´t answer. She may / might not have heard you
                            2. ADVICE & CRITICISM
                              1. We use should and ought to to give advice
                                1. You should rest more
                                  1. You ought to leave now or you´ll mis your appointment
                                  2. We use should + have + past pastiple to express criticism
                                    1. You shouldn´t have gotten out of bed. You should have used this ointment
                                  3. DEDUCTION
                                    1. We use must or can´t to show that we are almost certain that something is or is not true.
                                      1. He must be rich. He can´t be sick - he´s out running!
                                      2. We use must / couldn´t + have + past participle to talk about the past
                                        1. She´s upset. She must have gotten some bad news
                                          1. They couln´t have seen Dad - he´s in the hospital
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