Simple past


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Simple past
  1. Irregular verbs
    1. Afirmative
      1. Affirmative sentences with verbs irreguläres Subject + Past simple verb do .
        1. He played football
      2. Negative
        1. Add the DID NOT + (did not) after the subject ( is for all people) .
          1. You did not drink.
        2. Interrogative
          1. The questions in the simple past of the DID ask for help assist ( last OD ) + normal form of the verb
            1. Did he call me yesterday?
        3. Regular verbs
          1. Afirmative
            1. The verbs in the simple past consist of ED particle at the end , and for that , you must follow some rules :
              1. Verbs already ending in " E" just win the D : Dance = Danced
                1. Verbs ending in a vowel + y , only earn ED: play = Played
                  1. Verbs in cosoante + vowel + cosoante and whose last syllable is tonic, fold the last cosoante and earn ED: stop = stopped .
              2. Use the Simple Past to express the idea that an action started and finished at a specific time in the past. Sometimes, the speaker may not actually mention the specific time, but they do have one specific time in mind.
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