Refluxo gastroesofágico


This Mind Map provides an overview of the 5 steps to learning success, the secret to achieving your goals.
Bruna Lima
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Andrea Leyden
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Bruna Lima
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Refluxo gastroesofágico
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            • Sinais e sintomas
            1. Social Learning
              1. Collaboration
                1. Pin Resources
                  1. Learning Groups
                    2. 3. Track
                      1. Optimise Learning
                        1. Subject Analytics
                          1. Test Knowledge
                            1. Manage Tasks
                              1. Track Scores
                              2. 4. Learn
                                1. Long-term Memory
                                  1. Review Notes
                                    1. Gap in Knowledge
                                      1. Evaluate Understanding
                                      2. 5. Succeed
                                        1. Achieve Goals
                                          1. Cyclical Process
                                            1. Lifelong Learning
                                              1. Personal Learning Journey
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