Mapa mental de la conferencia con experto 2


Mapa mental de la conferencia con experto 2
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Mapa mental de la conferencia con experto 2
  1. Strategic Impact of Processes
    1. Processes might seem abstract, but actually they are the key to an organization success; they could lead to an achieving in profit or non-profit goals, but that's depends on how you work with the process and the power it has.
    2. Turbulent World
      1. Businesses are transforming, they are now global and faster, consumers have more choices than before, we have global markets (every company even little ones are competing with the best companies in the world) that intensfy competition, new tecnologies
        1. every company is fighting to survive
        2. To succeed organizations need to
          1. come up with new ideas: innovation
            1. speed to market: high performance new product development process
              1. reduced costs through process redesign
                1. golden rule: those who have the gold make the rules (make your customers happy, they have now more power)
                  1. rapid response to external tubulence
                2. Process Principles
                  1. you are what you do (not what you promise, is what you deliver at the end)
                    1. structure is a weak level of change
                      1. strategy is based on operating capabilities and is a process, not a binder
                        1. nothing is as it was or will be
                          1. you get better or you get worse
                            1. all work is a process
                            2. Root Problem
                              1. most organizations are fragmented, each department has its language, measures, leaderships, operator procedures and ways of defining success causing delays
                                1. opportunities to improvement: use all the resources the company has as a whole to the benefit of the consumer
                              2. Process 201
                                1. Process end-to work across the enterprise (tasks that create customer value)
                                  1. iron triangle (customer/results/process)
                                    1. every organization has processes
                                    2. Processes
                                      1. structured, turning inputs into outputs of greater value, work in context, stable, capable
                                        1. two types process improvement
                                          1. tactical (lower costs, higher customer satisfaction): lean six sigma, improving techniques on the ride and large part of the organization
                                            1. strategic (long term sustainability): working together, improving operational excellence and the performance of our process
                                        2. SIPOC (Suppliers-Inputs-Process-Outputs-Customers
                                          1. indicate major processes, activities, and tasks while ensuring the understand of the boundaries with a clear start of the process and end of the process that meets the scope defined
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