Ceramic Processing


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Ceramic Processing
  1. Casting
    1. Involves using slip. It can also take various forms, such as high-pressure casting or traditional slip-casting.
    2. Coiling
      1. A simper and traditional hand-worked method of making large containers, using coils of clay would around to gradually build up the shape.
      2. Extrusion
        1. The process is based around a plastic clay mixture being forced through a die.
            1. This is and ideal process for products and components of the same cress-sectional shape.
              1. Typical extruded products include bricks, pipes and electrical conduits.
            1. Firing
              1. All ceramic products need to be fired or sintered in order to be useable.
                1. The conditions and firing temperature required depend on the material.
                  1. Some pieces need several firings, beginning whit a biscuit-firing and ending whit a firing for the glaze.
                              1. Acid etching
                                1. The model is created in a transfer and soaked. Once the transfer is applied to the tile, which is immersed in acid, the area covered is not attacked by the acid to produce the sallow bleeding.
                                    1. Drying
                                      1. The presence of excessive moisture during firing results in a damaged final piece once a ceramic product has been made using a wet material, it can be fired.
                                            1. The process must be slow as rapid water evaporation will cause cracking and uneven movement, which leads to warping.
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