my life project


proyecto de vida
Lina Yurany Huesso Parrado
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Lina Yurany Huesso Parrado
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my life project
  1. In my short-term goals, there is finish my undergraduate and get a job from organizational psychology.
    1. To start to save money, because I wanna be part of the Colombian Air Force
      1. In medium term goals, I want to be part of that armed force, to be in a high rank, to have been able to buy my house and help my parents economically.
        1. Well, they have supported me a lot throughout my life and I want to give back everything they have done for me.
        2. And finally, in the long-term goals, I already hope to have a capital, my house, my car, obtain a pension, have a small family and be able to give them a good example.
          1. as I would continue in the line of psychology and perhaps have a business with her.
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