Project-Based Learning


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Project-Based Learning
  1. PBL is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a complex question, problem, or challenge.
    1. Project-based learning can involve, but is not limited to: Asking and refining questions, Debating ideas, Making predictions, Designing plans and/or experiments, Collecting and analyzing data, Drawing conclusions, Communicating ideas and findings to others, Asking new questions, and Creating artifacts.
      1. Teacher's Role
        1. Teachers support students by giving sufficient guidance and feedback.
          1. The teacher must thoroughly explain all tasks that are to be completed, provide detailed directions for how to develop the project.
            1. Walk around the classroom in order to answer questions and encourage student motivation.
              1. In order to create successful units focused on project-based learning, teachers must plan well and be flexible.
                1. Teachers often find themselves in the role of learner and peer with the students.
                2. Assessment
                  1. We can assess PBL with a combination of objective tests, checklists, and rubrics; however, these often only measure task completion. The inclusion of a reflective writing component provides for self-evaluation of student learning.
                  2. Student's Role
                    1. Students generally work in small, collaborative groups in the project-based learning model.
                      1. They find sources, conduct research, and hold each other responsible for learning and the completion of tasks.
                        1. Students must be “self-managers” in this approach to instruction.
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