Fredo Effect


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Fredo Effect
  1. whats a Fredo?
    1. character from film the godfather
      1. a Family member employee who gets in the way of the business success by engaging in dysfunctional behaviors or by not performinfg job duties effectively
        1. the problems that a Fredos cause won't be solved easily
        2. Negative force in a Family firm
          1. is believed to be less capable and less competent
            1. goes beyond the concept of nepotism in a family firm
              2. 4. what can i do about Fredo before he takes our firm down
                1. prevent a Fredo from springing up in the first place
                  1. pay attention to the effect that early partent-child relationship dynamics can have on the children once the become involved in the business
                    1. recognize which children seem yo feel entitled to the fruits of the business but are not hard-working in the firm
                      1. family memebers need to have same level of education, experience, and skills as non-family job applicants
                        1. tolerate
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