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  1. ZERO
    1. Form
      1. If+present simple+complement+present simple+complement
      2. Use
        1. General facts
        2. Sentences
          1. Plants die if they don’t get enough water.
            1. If you press that button, the light comes on.
              1. If I run, I get tired.
                1. If you heat water to 100 degrees, it boils.
              2. FIRST
                1. Form
                  1. If + Present simple + Simple future
                  2. Use
                    1. Refers to a possible condition and its probable outcome
                    2. Sentences
                      1. If I do not finish my homework, I will not party
                        1. If I have time, visit my grandmother
                          1. If you feel sick, you go to the doctor
                            1. If I exercise, will lose weight
                              1. If we don't hurry, we'll miss our bus.
                            2. THIRD
                              1. Form
                                1. If + Past perfect + Perfect conditional / Perfect continuous conditional
                                2. Use
                                  1. It is based on facts that are opposite to what is being expressed
                                  2. Sentences
                                    1. If she had been there, I would have seen her.
                                      1. If we had had more time, we would have visited Pompeii.
                                        1. If she had been friendlier, she wouldn’t have offended anyone.
                                          1. If they hadn’t told me about the exhibition, I never would have known.
                                        2. SECOND
                                          1. Form
                                            1. If + Present simple + Present conditional or Present perfecct conditional
                                            2. Use
                                              1. A time that can be now or at any time and to a situation that is not real
                                              2. Sentences
                                                1. If I were taller, he would like me
                                                  1. If she lost weight, the dress would fit
                                                    1. If I had children, I would teach them to draw
                                                      1. If it wasn’t raining we could go for a run.
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