Chapter 31


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Chapter 31
  1. Olanna is worried about Ugwu dissappearance.
    1. Old package from Mohammed with spplies (containing soap, underwear, and chocolate).
    2. Militia members repressing people.
      1. Mama Oji warns Olanna about Alice (saboteur).
        1. Olanna admiration for Alice turns to jealousy and dislike.
      2. Mrs. Muokelo has lost her faith in Biafra.
        1. Mrs. Muokelu, warns olanna to find petrol for her car, as Umuahia may fall.
          1. Olanna gets drunk and sharpened his mind, and given him confidence, but here it makes him silent and depressed.
            1. Kainene tells Olanna that Ugwu has died. Which was not true
              1. One day a man comes to see Alice and says that he is from her hometown, and he tells how the “vandals” captured it weeks before.
              2. The next few days pass in a blur. Odenigbo stays home and takes care of Baby, and Olanna sleeps on a mat outside
                1. Olanna and odenigbo speaks to each other only about necessities.
                  1. Olanna wakes up to the sound of shelling. She and Odenigbo hurry to the car, but it won’t start.
                    1. They reach Kainene’s house in Orlu and unpack their things.
                      1. Olanna tries to protect Baby.
                        1. Kainene asks Olanna why she was always so eager to please their parents.
                          1. Olanna refuses to worry about Odenigbo, but she worries about Baby and the other children.
                            1. Kainene tries to start a garden.
                              1. Olanna and Kainene walk home together, discussing Odenigbo and the war.
                                1. Dr. Nwala arrives to say that Okeoma has been killed.
                                2. Olanna starts to scream and she grabs at Odenigbo. They enter their room and have grief-stricken sex.
                                  1. Olanna feels a “sad and unsettling peace.”
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