British Slang


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Valentina Castro
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Valentina Castro
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British Slang
  1. Informal words and expressions
    1. Not considered standard language
      1. Are always changing
      2. Anyroad
        1. Alternative to 'anyway' and 'anyhow'
          1. Anyroad, the thing is, Octavian's ordered me to go along with him.
        2. Bits ‘n Bobs
          1. A variety of things
            1. 'My mother won't throw away anything. She has so many bits 'n bobs around the house.'
          2. Bob’s your uncle
            1. Alternative to 'there you go'
              1. “Do you know where the nearest post office is?” “Yeah, just take the next right and Bobs your uncle”.
            2. Brilliant
              1. Something is exciting or great
                1. “I heard you passed your driving test. That’s brilliant!”
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