Poverty in Colombia


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Poverty in Colombia
  1. Problems
    1. 1- The level of discrimation and inequality has increase in the past years.
      1. a- Social strata, b- A developed feeling of indiference, c- Between the society the way of behave or dress is crucial
      2. 2- The goverment does not give the basic needs, fo example education, health and quality of life.
        1. a- Hunger, infant mortality, drinking water. b- Insecurity. c- Corruption
        2. 3- Hundreds of people have been displaced by the armed conflict
          1. a- Violence. b- Over population in big cities. c- unemployment
          2. Solutions
            1. 1- Create a society more conscious about their internal problem.
              1. 2- The society must stop and demand to the goverment results and improvements for the society
                1. 3- Develop different helps and solutions for the displaced people, like jobs or homes.
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