Simple Present - Affirmative


Venha conhecer a forma afirmativa do Simple Present. Aproveite e compartilhe com os seus amigos. Tenho um canal no YouTube e ensino inglês lá. Link:
Inglês do Zero - Celso Luiz
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Inglês do Zero - Celso Luiz
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Simple Present - Affirmative
  1. We use the verb TO BE in this tense.
    1. I - AM
      1. You, We, You and They - ARE
        1. He, She and It - IS
        2. In the conjugation of the verb in the third person singular, there are orthographic rules:
          1. Most verbs: -s are added. Ex: She feels. (Feel)
            1. Verbs that end in –ss, –sh, –ch, –o, –X: –es is added. Ex: He passes. (Pass)
              1. Verbs ending in a vowel + y: –s is added. Ex: He plays. (Play)
              2. We use short form when we speak and write informal things.
                1. Examples: I'm here. You're so beautiful.
                2. To speak more formal things, the normal form is used, without abbreviations.
                  1. Examples: Dear Mr. Freeman, my name is Joe Green. I am Brazilian.
                  2. We use the verb be to talk about age.
                    1. Ex: I am 12. It's not: I have 12.
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