Abscessed tooth
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  1. prevented
    1. habits
      1. Dental visit
        1. fix it early can prevent an abscessed tooth
          1. sensitive tooth
            1. Fractured tooth
              1. Decayed tooth
            2. Home care
            3. big factor
              1. sits with a problem
                1. higher chance to become an abscess
            4. What is?
              1. Is an infection within a tooth
                1. bacteria multiply
                  1. originated from the tooth's inner chamber
                    1. blood contained Vessels and nerves, "pulpa"
                      1. the infection spreads from the pulp
                      2. causes
                        1. Once the pulp is dead, an abscess can form the tooth to the gum ligament and jawbone
                          1. Often, a necrotic tooth can still be saved if steps are taken to resolve the infection at an early stage
                          2. A very common cause is when a dental cavity (decay) becomes so large and deep that it reaches the pulp chamber.
                            1. Inflammation of the pulp (pulpitis) is usually what is felt as a toothache
                              1. Reversible pulpitis means that the pulp is irritated, but has an opportunity to recover
                                1. Irreversible pulpitis means that it will not recover and the pulp is dying
                              2. Other causes
                                1. Trauma to a tooth from grinding or clenching
                                  1. Dental treatment
                                    1. A blow to a tooth
                                  2. signs and symptoms
                                    1. darkteeth
                                      1. Swelling or pimple on the gum
                                        1. pain
                                          1. puffy face
                                          2. Treatment
                                            1. An emergency room visit is advised if there it difficulty with breathing or swallowing
                                              1. Once the infection is cleared and the toothh can be restored, a root canal procedure is performed. If the tooth cannot be restored, the tooth is extracted instead
                                                1. During pregnancy, a dental abscess requires immediate attention in order minimize further spread of the infection
                                                  1. In adult teeth, the usual treatment for an abscessed tooth begins with properly clearing the infection. In children's primary teeth, treatment of a dental abscess depends on the extent of indection
                                                    1. Depending on how much the infection has spread, the course Of action usually involves oral antibiotics and draining the tooth and surrounding structures of the infection
                                                      1. The "root canal treatment" cleans out the entire inner space of the tooth and seals the spaces with an inert rubber material called gutta percha
                                                      2. prognosis
                                                        1. Tooth abscess
                                                          1. Abscess in the bone
                                                            1. Jaw and neck swollen abscess
                                                            2. effective
                                                              1. Taking over the counter medications for pain
                                                                1. Seeking care and advice from a dental professional is strongly recommended
                                                                  1. A warm moistened teabag compress over the area
                                                                    1. Warm saltwater or baking soda rinses
                                                                    2. diagnosed
                                                                      1. Diagnosis dentist
                                                                        1. Signs and symptoms
                                                                          1. X-Rays

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