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  1. Other Whiteboards
    1. Considerations
      1. •Take up much space •Very heavyweight •Expensive materials •Inaccessible • They are not portable
      2. Semiportable
        1. These aren't totally portable well not desarm
        2. Fixed
          1. These They are the tipical whiteboard of the classroom and They are fixed on the wall
        3. Prototype
          1. Initial
            1. Heavyweight. Slightly expensive. Desing errors
            2. Corrections
              1. Process
                1. Change the materials. Cut the new pieces. Replace hinges by tape adhesive. Strengthen pieces. Put the cover
                2. Resize. Materials more cheap. More Flexibility
                3. Final
                  1. the design has been improved and the product was easy to use . the materials are easier to handle and fulfill the objective of the whiteboard
                4. ¿What is?
                  1. It is a totally different board , you can keep and use in a little space those are some advantages. the materials are cheap, well it our product is not expensive
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