Urbanization and Megacities


this chart is about megacities and urbanization
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Urbanization and Megacities
  1. What are some of the challenges cities face today?
    1. Some of the challenges cities face are the: overpopulation, pollution, they don't have enough Jobs, they don't have housing
    2. How the industrial city differ from the preindustrial?
      1. The industrial city was much larger than the preindustrial city, and commerce was the focal point of urban life. For the first time in history, people worked outside of the home in offices and factories.
      2. How can overurbanization be prevented?
        1. It can be prevented restricting the income of inmigrants per year, establish a law that can restrict the way the persons have childs or increase the housing and the Jobs.
        2. What are the models of city structure?
          1. Concentric zone
            1. Sector
              1. Multiple Nuclei
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