With this mindmap you are going to review and check out the strutures of Simple Past with other verbs
Jonnathan Lucero Vargas
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Jonnathan Lucero Vargas
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    1. S + VERB PAST + COMPL
      1. mARIA AND i bought 3 pairs of shoes yesterday
        1. I talked wioth my grandmother about the COVID last time
          1. I traveled to Santa Cryz last vacation
            1. Maria and Riardo went to the supermarket 3 weeks ago
              1. Carmen asked for her sister an hour ago
                1. I saw Spiderman 3 last weekend
              2. NEGATIVE SENTENCES
                1. S + DID NOT + VERB BASE + COMPL
                  1. I didn´t lend any money to him 3 weeks ago
                    1. I didn´t make the food for her 3 days ago
                      1. I didn´t write a letter for them 3 months ago
                        1. I didnp´t sing with Carmelo last Thursday
                          1. I didn´t wear a blue dress last Wednesday
                            1. I didn´t sleep with my dog last night
                          2. YES / NO QUESTIONS
                            1. DID + S + VERB BASE + COMPL?
                              1. Did you swim in the pool 3 days ago
                                1. Yes, we did
                                2. Did he play basketball last month?
                                  1. No, he didn´t
                                  2. Did they take a lot of photos last vacation?
                                    1. Yes, they did
                                    2. Did she understand last lesson?
                                      1. No, she didn´t
                                      2. Did you go to the police station last Monday?
                                        1. No, I didn´t
                                    3. WH QUESTIONS
                                      1. WH + DID + S + VERB + COMPL?
                                        1. WHAT?
                                          1. What did you break in the dinning room yesterday?
                                            1. I broke a glass in the dinning room yesterday
                                            2. What did Carlos hold in the atic last night?
                                              1. Carlos held a big box in the atic last night
                                              2. What did the cats catch at the park last week?
                                                1. The cats caught monster at the park last week
                                              3. WHERE?
                                                1. Where did you come from last month?
                                                  1. I came from Toro Toro last month
                                                  2. Where did Sandra lay the papers 2 days ago?
                                                    1. Sandra laid papers on Calama st 2 days ago
                                                    2. Where did Sam and Doris find the clues yesterday?
                                                      1. Sam and Doris found the clues at the cinema yesterday
                                                    3. WHEN?
                                                      1. What did you throw away to the dump yesterday?
                                                        1. I threw away peals of bananas to the dump yesterday
                                                        2. What did Olga send you by mail last week?
                                                          1. Olga sent me 3 pillows by mail last week
                                                          2. What did the children do outside last night?
                                                            1. The children made 3 gifts for her outide last night
                                                          3. HOW?
                                                            1. How did Elena drive the car last week?
                                                              1. Elena drove the car with a dexperiment driver last week
                                                              2. How did you cut the garlic last night?
                                                                1. I cut a garlic with knife last night
                                                                2. How did the children call the police yesterday?
                                                                  1. The children called bthe police by cellphone last weekend
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