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  1. SOW - Project Statment of Work
    1. Bussines need
      1. Why is this project required ?
      2. Product scope description
        1. What specific product deliverables are wanted, and what will be the end result of the proyect ?
        2. Strategic plan
          1. How does the project tie into the organization's strategic goals ?
          2. What is the project ?
          3. Buisiness Case
            1. Why is the Project being done ?
            2. Agreements
              1. What items need to be approved for the project, and who will sign-off ? what designates success ?
              2. EEFs - Enterprise Environmental Factors
                1. What factors may limit our ability to deliver ?
                2. OPAs - Organizational Process Assets
                  1. How do I do it ? What is required ? Why do I need to do this ?
                  2. Project Charter
                    1. Facilitation Techniques
                      1. Brainstorming, Conflict resolution, Problem solving, Meeting management
                      2. Expert Judgement
                        1. Consultants, Stakeholders (custumers or sponsores), Indistry groups, PMO
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