On Vacation


Contain differents types of activity and conocimient for use verbs
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On Vacation
  1. Eco-tourism
    1. Grammar
      1. Might
        1. It's just possible, there is a slight possibility
        2. May
          1. It's possible; perhaps
          2. Could
            1. It's possible
            2. Will probably
              1. It's likely/There's a very good chance
              2. Will definitely
                1. It's certain
            3. Activity vacations
              1. Grammar
                1. Will
                  1. Short Answers
                    1. Yes, I/You/He/She etc. will
                      1. No, I/You/He/She etc. won't
                      2. Questions
                        1. Will I/You/He/She etc.
                        2. Negative
                          1. I/You/He/She etc. will not/wont
                          2. Affirmative
                            1. I/You/He/She etc. will/'ll go
                            2. Use
                              1. For predictions based on what we think or believe
                                1. On-the-spot decisions
                                  1. To give information about the future
                            3. Everyday English
                              1. Pronunciaton
                                1. Pronounced /h/
                                  1. Silent /h/
                                2. Having a great time
                                  1. Grammar
                                    1. Going to
                                      1. Affirmative
                                        1. verb to be + going to + base form of the verb
                                        2. Negative
                                          1. Putting not after the verb to be + going to
                                          2. Questions
                                            1. Putting the verb to be before the subject
                                            2. Short Answers
                                              1. Yes, I am, She is, etc.
                                                1. No, I'm not, She's not, etc.
                                                2. Use
                                                  1. Talk about future plans and intentions
                                                    1. Make predictions based on what we see
                                                    2. goint to + infinitive
                                                    3. Present Progressive
                                                      1. Add ing to most verbs
                                                        1. play = playing
                                                        2. For verbs that end in e, remove the e and add ing
                                                          1. slide = sliding
                                                          2. For verbs that end in ie, change the ie to y and add ing
                                                            1. die = dying
                                                            2. For a verb whose last syllable is written with a consonant-vowel-consonant, double the last letter before adding ing
                                                              1. beg = begging
                                                        3. Culture Corner
                                                          1. Yellowstone National Park
                                                            1. Old Faithful
                                                              1. The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
                                                                1. The Yellowstone supervolcano - will it erupt?
                                                              2. Skills
                                                                1. Writing
                                                                  1. Cross-Curricular
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