Case Amway


Case Amway and his CSR
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Case Amway
  1. a family-owned business
    1. RSE
      1. means businesses and organisations working responsibly
        1. contributing positively to the communities they operate in
      2. in over 80 markets and territories worldwide
        1. committed to playing a part in improving the lives of children in need across the globe
          1. Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, works with UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund.
            1. across Europe have been supporting UNICEF's child survival programme
              1. The aim is to increase immunisation from 40% to 70%
                1. involve seeking to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS to infants
              2. vision is to help people live better lives
                1. What does Amway do?
                  1. distributes a range of branded products
                    1. food and drinks.
                      1. skin care and cosmetics
                        1. body care
                        2. Amway programmes
                          1. launched the global One by One campaign for children in 2003
                            1. providing measles vaccines to children across the globe
                              1. 'Immunisation Plus' programme
                                1. 'Plus' is about using the vehicle of immunisation to deliver other life-saving services for children
                        3. Developing a strategy
                          1. An important value for Amway is being a caring company
                            1. Amway's Global Cause strategy involves creating responsible plans that make a difference.
                              1. stakeholders
                                1. Customers
                                  1. IBO's
                                    1. Staff
                                      1. Global Headquarters Amway Europe
                                        1. Community Partners
                                          1. e.g. UNICEF
                                    2. Communicating the strategy
                                      1. Face-to-face communication
                                        1. Printed material
                                          1. Public relations materials
                                            1. Email communication
                                              1. Online activities
                                              2. Fundraising
                                                1. greetings cards
                                                  1. multi-cultural gifts and cards
                                                    1. stationery and wrapping paper
                                                      1. toys for children
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