Tenses in English


Este es un mapa conceptual para describir los tiempos verbales en Inglés.
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Tenses in English
  1. Simple
    1. Are used to show permanent characteristics or habitual actions
      1. Present simple
        1. To talk about habits or permanent situations
          1. E.g. Jane always gets up at 6 a.m.
        2. Past simple
          1. To talk about a finished action at a specific time in the past
            1. E.g. John traveled to Canada last year.
          2. Future simple
            1. To talk about uncertain predictions; To make promises; with sudden decisions; to make offers
              1. E.g. I'll love you forever.
        3. Continuous
          1. Are used when talking about situations in progress at a particular point in time
            1. Present continuous
              1. To talk about actions in progress at the moment; with temporary actions; to talk about planned events in the future
                1. E.g. Maria is reading an excellent book.
              2. Past continuous
                1. To describe actions in progress in the past; to talk about an action in progress in the past interrupted by another action.
                  1. E.g. While Sarah was driving home, she saw a terrible accident.
                2. Future continuous
                  1. To talk about an action in progress at a certain point in the future
                    1. E.g. Kyle will be watching his favorite program at 9 p.m.
                3. Perfect
                  1. Are used when an action is linked to a previous moment in the time
                    1. Present perfect
                      1. To talk about actions that started in the past and continue in the present; to talk about unfinished actions
                        1. E.g. David has eaten ostrich meat twice.
                      2. Past perfect
                        1. To talk about 2 actions in the past, but 1 happened before the other.
                          1. E.g. Peter had already left when I arrived.
                        2. Future perfect
                          1. To talk about an action that will be completed at a certain point in the future.
                            1. E.g. Donna will have gotten married by the year 2018.
                        3. Perfect
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