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Edur Egizab
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  1. PARTS
    1. Stem
      1. Roots
        1. Leaves
        2. KINDS
          1. Flowering
            1. Gymnosperm


              • - Small flowers / no fruit. SEEDS: Small, hard part of the plant that may grow into a new plant of the same kind.
              1. Angiosperm


                • - Flowers and fruit CHESTNUT: reddish-brown nut that can be eaten raw or cooked. You can buy burnt chestnuts in the street in winter.
              2. Non flowering


                • SHADE: Shelter from direct sunlight. MOISTURE: Water in small quantities.
                1. Mosses
                  1. Ferns


                    • THICK opposite to THIN
                2. LIFE PROCESSES
                  1. RESPIRATION
                    1. Oxygen IN
                      1. Carbon dioxide OUT
                      2. REPRODUCTION
                        1. Sexual
                          1. Stamens: pollen
                            1. Insect pollination
                              1. Wind pollination
                              2. Ovary: Seeds
                              3. Asexual
                                1. Tubers
                                  1. Bulbs
                                    1. Stoons
                                  2. NUTRITION = AUTOTROPHS


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