Maria Navarro´s PLE


I am Maria Navarro and this is my PLE (Personal Learning Enviroment).
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Maria Navarro´s PLE
  1. WHERE do I RECOLLECT new information?
    1. WIKIPEDIA, ususally for doing works
      1. BLOGS, for doing works or learning (about healthy and sport, topics which I love)
        1. GOOGLE SCHOLAR, for searching scientific articles and working with the information
          1. INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION SCIENCE (ERIC), for doing works (free)


            • The best point is that you can find articles about education, health, sports and many themes and...they are FREE! (Some of them only let you see the abstract).
            1. MARCA or FFEMENINO, to know about sport news


              • I usually read both newspapers, but online. And concretely FFEMENINO in my mobile phone. 
              1. TV, I sometimes watch documentaries


                • I like watching documentaries of history (Canal Historia o Discovery Max) because I learn more than in the school.
                1. SOCIAL ENVIROMENT
                  1. CLASSMATES, I ask them doubts about subjects


                    • Above all, when I am studing and I have got doutbs about psychology I ask them by WhatsApp and they answer me in a few minutes.
                    1. FAMILY, FRIENDS and TEACHERS, I asked them If I have doubts in general
                    2. BOOKS, as scientific encyclopedia
                      1. SPOTYFY, for listening music
                      2. HOW do I WORK with the information?
                        1. WORD, I mix the information that I have to finally write an idea complete and logical
                          1. POWERPOINT or PREZI, I make visual presentations
                            1. EXCELL, for doing my own graphics
                              1. PAPER, for doing schemas


                                • Athough when this year I discovered "examtime" and "mindmeister" I started to do all my schemas with these tools. 
                              2. WHO do I SHARE the informtion WITH?
                                1. TWITTER, I share information about health and fitness WITH MY FOLLOWERS
                                  1. INSTAGRAM, I share special photos for me WITH MY FOLLOWERS
                                    1. YOUTUBE, in my channel I share videos that I have made
                                      1. SOCIAL ENVIROMENT
                                        1. CLASSMATES, I share with them contents and doubts about our subjects
                                          1. FAMILY and FRIENDS, I share with them moments and doubts about my life
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