People and Educational Technology


Here you will be able to see a little bit of educational technoloy related to our students in the classroom environment. What is more important - technology or people?
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People and Educational Technology
  1. Ways of showing - there is a huge variety of presentation aids - the board, picture frames, workbook games, overhead projector, flip charts, computers, etc. Choose the ones that respond best to your group.
    1. The course book - it can foster the perception of progress to your students. It cannot be a methodological straightjacket though
      1. Objects, pictures and things - postcards, realia, flashcards, cuisinaire rods, drawing, games - things to engage and improve your class
        1. Ways od listening - the teacher, their peers, a CD player, a video, MP3, tape recorders - there is a variety of sources to expose your students to the spoken language .
          1. Ways of finding out - students and teachers can find information very easily these days. Internet, all sorts of dictionaries, etc.
            1. Ways of composing - students and teachers can compose materials from many different sourses, for instance computers, internet, blogs, etc.
              1. Virtual learning - students and teachers can comunicate form a variety of sources, from e-mails to simulated environments.
            2. Teacher and students inging in class - celebrating Christmas, learning and enjoying themselves in class
            3. Students drawing in class - showing their own view of reality
            4. What if you cannot count on any resources? No computers, no internet, no projectors, no e-boards, no blackboards, no books, no notebooks! Can you still teach a class? The answer to this question is easy: YES!!!! People must be the main source in the classroom environment. THE INTERNAL WORLD OF THE STUDENT IS "THE RICHEST, DEEPEST SEAM OF GOLD THAT YOU HAVE." (Hadfield and Hadfield 2003b: 34)
              1. Engaged students and teacher creating their own cards - paper and colored pencils, that is all they need!
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