What are they like?


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What are they like?
  1. We use this question to find out more about somenone or something.
    1. What's Jack like? He is very nice!
      1. What was the film like? Great!
    2. The students in my class are really friendly!
      1. Happy to meet and talk to other people.
      2. It was kind of her to visist me.
        1. Warm, friendly and always want to help other people.
        2. Colin is a really nice guy.
          1. Kind and friendly.
          2. I love karen, she's great fun.
            1. Something or someone that makes you happy.
            2. My parents are very relaxed
              1. Someone who is less strict and sever.
              2. Tom is very clever, the best student in our class
                1. Able to learn and understand very quickly
                2. She's quiet but she can be funny.
                  1. Someone who is very quiet doesn't say very much.
                  2. I like our teacher, buy she's very serious
                    1. Someone serious think a lot and doesn't laugh very much.
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