Green Business


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Green Business
  1. The Three Dimensions of Sustainable Development
    1. 1990s
      1. The economy
        1. Environment
          1. The society
            1. Social responsibility and corporate responsibility
              1. Environmental indicators
          2. Design "win-win-win" initiatives
            1. The "polluter pays principle"
              1. Protection of the environment at all costs
            2. Sustaineble Development
              1. World Commission on Environment and Development
                1. ONU
                  1. An environmental or ecological approach
                  2. GH Brundtland
                    1. Define a new type of global development
                      1. Essential needs of the world's poor.
                    2. UNCED
                      1. Known as the Earth's Summit
                  3. Sustainable Design and the Future
                    1. By Ann Thorpex
                      1. Author notes that design is a potentially powerful agent of change.
                        1. Technology
                          1. Effective and versatile
                            1. Solar electric
                              1. The advancement of technologies changes society
                              2. Politics
                                1. Behaviour
                                  1. Tax laws
                                    1. Renewable energy development
                              3. Future Generations and Global Sustainability
                                1. Create intergenerational equity
                                  1. Ensure that future generations live as well as the current generation
                                    1. Ensure that the essential life functions of our ecosystem are maintained
                                      1. Involve significant changes in policies, institutions and practices that are not currently in march
                                      2. The most urgent problem
                                        1. Greenhouse gas emissions
                                        2. Clean technology
                                          1. Externalities
                                            1. Factor four and factor ten
                                              1. Green design
                                                1. Green technology
                                                  1. National Priority List
                                                    1. Sustainability
                                                      1. Sustainable design
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