Computerizing an English Ianguage placement test


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Computerizing an English Ianguage placement test
  1. Delivery of an online language test
    1. Type of test
      1. Placement test
      2. Research questions
        1. focused on
          1. Is it reliable?
            1. Computer based test (CBT) v/s traditional
              1. CBT: better or worse?
                1. Does background affect?
                2. CBT v/s Traditional
                  1. Mead and Drasgrow (1993): "Speedness". For instance: Scrolling could result on lower scores
                    1. Russell and Haney (1997): Unfair to measure writing on students used to word processors
                      1. Bunderson et. al (1989): a) Achieving equivalence is difficult. b) Lack of familiarity with computers = lower scores
                    2. Method
                      1. Test
                        1. Prerequisite for a course
                          1. QM Web used
                            1. Browser: Netscape 3.0
                            2. Timing
                              1. 45 minutes
                              2. Scoring
                                1. ANCOVA
                              3. Conclusions
                                1. CBT is reliable
                                  1. CBT provides more information
                                    1. Bias related to background can be found
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