Planet Earth


In this mental map a brief summary of the audio given about animals, lions, humans, and the geographical area is shown.
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Planet Earth
  1. Natural Resources
    1. Goods or services provided by nature. They are studied to arrange the geographical space.
      1. Animals
        1. Compete for a geographical space to inhabit.
          1. They interact with nature in their natural environments.
            1. Because lions in Zimbabwe are in danger of extinction, conservationists have helped to maintain the species reproduce in their territory.
            2. Humans
              1. There is a high degree of overpopulation that forces humanity to seek shelter (city, town, mountains, jungle, proximity to rivers) invading some geographic areas that affect the biodiversity of the entire planet.
                1. Geographical Area
                  1. Territory ordered by a society where humans coexist related to the environment.
                    1. Humans and animals must make proper use.
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