Modal Verb


Verbos modales con ejemplos
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Modal Verb
  1. Can
    1. I can speak five lenguages
      1. ¿Can I have a glass of water?
      2. Could
        1. It could have been worse
          1. ¿Could you pass the salt please?
          2. May
            1. It may be better to finish this now, rather than wait until tomorrow
              1. ¿May I leave now?
              2. Migth
                1. I would bring an umbrella, it might rain later.
                2. Will
                  1. ¿Will you help me move?
                    1. I will help you
                    2. Shall
                      1. Chris shall be happy to see you
                      2. Should
                        1. You shouldn’t work so hard
                        2. Ougth to
                          1. They ought to work less
                          2. Must
                            1. You must not drink and drive
                              1. ¿When must we meet you?
                              2. Would
                                1. She would like to go to New York someday
                                  1. ¿Would you help me please?
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