business correspondence
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  1. Communication through exchange of letters
    1. Business Letter
      1. media or means through which views are expressed
        1. Essential features of a Good Business Letter
          1. Outer Features
            1. size of the paper
              1. envelope
                1. quality of paper
                  1. color of the paper
                    1. folding of letter
                    2. Inner Features
                      1. simplicity
                        1. clarity
                          1. accuracy
                            1. completeness
                              1. relevance
                                1. courtesy
                                  1. neatness
                              2. Parts of the business letter
                                1. the letter head
                                  1. the date
                                    1. the reference line
                                      1. the inside address
                                        1. the salutation
                                          1. the message
                                  2. the complementaru closing
                                    1. the signature
                                      1. the initials
                                        1. enclosures
                                          1. extra copies
                                            1. the envelope
                                2. writing for business
                                  1. intra-office comunication
                                    1. Internal, Within organization, Colleagues, different departments, levels, Email, Memo, Letter (less common)
                                    2. inter-office comunication
                                      1. External, Outside organization, Clients, customers, suppliers, Email, Letter
                                      2. writing style of business documents
                                        1. plan and organize message
                                          1. Tone
                                            1. Formality
                                              1. Language
                                                1. Be professional in all business correspondence,Be objective, Maintain dignity, Be sincere
                                            2. Importance of Business Correspondence
                                              1. 1.Help in Maintaining Proper Relationship
                                                1. 2. Inexpensive and Convenient Mode
                                                  1. 3. Create and Maintain Goodwill
                                                    1. 4. Serves as Evidence
                                                      1. 5. Help in Expansion of Business
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