Color theory


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Color theory
  1. well as a designer in the digital era you certainly don´t have to stick to the color
    1. the color wheel
      1. the color wheel is all about mixing color
      2. color terms
        1. hue
          1. shade
            1. tone
              1. tint
                1. saturation
                  1. value
                  2. color harmony
                    1. monochromatic
                      1. analogous
                        1. tetradic
                          1. complementary
                            1. triadic
                              1. split
                              2. color Inspiration
                                1. in addition to the color combinations found in the color wheel, nature provides endless inspiration for harmonious color schemes
                                2. The Psychology Of Color
                                  1. color is all around us
                                    1. Color Symbolism
                                      1. Alternate meaning
                                        1. in branding
                                          1. red
                                            1. orange
                                              1. yellow
                                                1. green
                                                  1. blue
                                                    1. purple
                                                      1. black
                                                        1. white
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