The Courtship of Mr Lyon


The Courtship Of Mr Lyon mindmap - The Theme of Beauty
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The Courtship of Mr Lyon
  1. The Character of Beauty
    1. Women in distress
      1. Typical to Carter's style, in The Courtship of Mr Lyon, there are some females that appear to be in distress; but there are also, males. In this case Mr Lyon.
        1. Beauty's father is seen to be in distress as his car breaks down, and the Beast to be in distress as he lives alone.
          1. This allows an interesting variation from Carter's conformation to the gothic genre, as in this story she chooses to actively portray the female as the dominant character.
          2. Women threatened by tyrannical male
            1. Again, the gender roles have been swapped in Carter's version of Beauty and the Beast.
              1. He tells her, "It will be lonely here without you", and begging her to come back and visit him.
              2. Instead of Beauty feeling threatened by the Beast, the Beast appears to feel threateed by her leaving.
                1. "Since you left me, I have been sick. I could not go hunting, I found I had not the stomach to kill the gentle beasts, I could not eat. I am sick and I must die; but I shall die happy because you have come to say goodbye to me."
              3. Objectification of Women
                1. Beauty's father uses Beauty as a payment for his debt to the Beast for taking the white rose.
                  1. Although she is treated very well with luxury like the heroine in 'The Bloody Chamber', she is seen as property.
                    1. “his girl-child, his pet”
                      1. Being an adolescent shows even more her innocence and how she can be objectified by men in the story.
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