SAB7#115_Communication methods


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SAB7#115_Communication methods
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    1. Interactive communication
      1. Someone provides information and others receive and respond. (Meetings, phone calls, video conference)
      2. Push communication
        1. The sender provides information, but doesn't expect feedback (letters, reports, e-mail, voice message)
        2. Pull Communication
          1. The information is in a central location, the recipients are responsable for retrieving (intranet, e-learning, data bases)
        3. Meetings
          1. Limit of time, Schedule, meet regularly, not too often, purpose, create an agenda, distribute the agenda, stick to the agenda, let people know their responsibilities, invite the right people, assign deliverables and time limits, prepare a minute an document it
          2. Communication channels
            1. Those increases when a stakeholder is added
              1. (N(N-1) )/2 N= the number of people
            2. Communication Blockers
              1. Noisy surrondings, distance, improper encoding of messages, negative statements, hostility, language and culture
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