Basic Map Mind about ICTs
Germán Custodio
Mind Map by Germán Custodio, updated more than 1 year ago
Germán Custodio
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  1. What are they?
    1. Tools
      1. communication
        1. Information
      2. Importance for education
        1. Changed way of accessing information
          1. Different channels for accesing information
            1. Appropriation of knowledge
            2. They are
              1. Transversal to society
                1. Education
                  1. Organizations
                    1. Growth
                    2. Politics
                      1. Transmit Information
                      2. Daily life
                        1. everyday tasks
                        2. Virtual society
                          1. Technology adapted to citizens
                            1. We live with Internet
                              1. Be adapted to create
                              2. Maintain citizenship
                                1. Society change
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