Modal Verbs


Mapa mental para estudo de modal verbs.
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Modal Verbs
  1. Advice
    1. Should
      1. You should study more
        1. You should go to a dentist. (Recommending action)
        2. Ought to
          1. You ought to go to dentist before you leave
        3. Ability
          1. Sorry, I can not undestand what you are saying
          2. Permission
            1. May(Formal)
              1. May I smoke here? (Asking)
                1. May I use your Umbrella? (Asking)
                2. Could
                  1. Could I leave early today, please?
                    1. Could I leave now?
                    2. Can
                      1. Can I smoke here? (Asking)
                        1. Can I leave now?(Informal) (Asking)
                      2. Possibility
                        1. Can
                          1. They can control their own budgets.
                            1. She can arrive after dinner
                            2. Could
                              1. You could have called me
                                1. Could you do me a favor?
                                2. Might
                                  1. It might rain this evening (Present)
                                    1. He might come here tomorrow (Future)
                                    2. May
                                      1. It may rain today
                                        1. He may be in the library?
                                      2. Obligation
                                        1. Must
                                          1. You must drive carefully
                                            1. You must stop smoking
                                            2. Have to
                                              1. I have to drive carefully. If not, I may involved in an accident
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