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this is about the french revolution, it's causes and the it's major events.
Lucia Castillo
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Lucia Castillo
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    1. Enlightened desposts failed
      1. Political revolution ended with the ANCIEN REGIME
        1. In Spain a new political, economic and social order were established
            1. New habits and customs
            2. CAUSES
              1. The influence of the Enlightenment
                1. Some intellectuals try to put this ideas into prectice.
                2. Political Crisis
                  1. Estates General brought represantives of the three states
                    1. Clergy (first estate) had 300 representatives and vote
                      1. Nobility (second estate) had 300 represantives and one vote
                        1. Middle class and Peasantry (Third Estate) had 600 representatives and one vote.
                      2. Economic Crisis
                        1. The French state was bankrup, because of it's military participation
                          1. Louis XVI increases the taxes, for all the pupulation
                        2. Social Crisis
                          1. Nobility & Clergy
                            1. Wanted economic privileges and they refuse to pay the taxes
                            2. Middle Class & Peasantry
                              1. Bourgeoisie wanted to abolish absolute monarchy
                                1. it ddin't allow them to participate in the government
                                2. Petite Bourgeoisie was suffering from economic difficulties
                                  1. Caused by wars and higher taxes
                                  2. Peasantry suffered ecomonic problems
                                    1. But they have to pay higher rent to the clergy and nobility
                              2. MAJOR EVENTS
                                1. National Assembly
                                  1. Thrid estate preposed that each representative would have an individual vote
                                    1. King refuse
                                      1. Third Estate declared themselves the true representatives of the nation
                                        1. They formed the National Assembly and demanded the Constitution
                                  2. Constituent Assembly
                                    1. A Constituent Assembly was elected to write a new Constitution
                                      1. Protesters began to riot in Paris
                                        1. On 14th July 1789, the attacked the Bastille (a political prision)
                                          1. Constituent Assembly implemented legal refoms
                                            1. Abolished feudal rights
                                              1. Approve the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen
                                                1. "All men are born free and equal in their rights and that liberty is freedom to do anything wich doesn't harm people"
                                                2. Louis XVI tried to escape to Austria for support
                                                  1. He was discovered
                                            2. In 1791, the Constituent Assembly adopted a constitution which established
                                              1. Constutotional monarchy
                                                1. Popular sovereignty
                                                  1. The separation of powers
                                                    1. Limited male suffrage
                                                  2. Legislative Assembly
                                                    1. Grirondins
                                                      1. They represent bourgeoisie's interests
                                                        1. Moderate political ideas
                                                          1. Limited suffrage
                                                            1. Republican proclamation
                                                              1. Republican calendar
                                                                1. Year 1 = 1792 Day 1 = 22 sept
                                                              2. 300.000 levy
                                                                1. Army that supported France
                                                                2. Internal counter revolution
                                                                  1. La Vendrée
                                                                3. Jacobins
                                                                  1. Radical ideas
                                                                    1. Put the king on trial
                                                                      1. established universal suffrage
                                                                        1. Controlled prices
                                                                          1. They gained support from the Parisian labourers
                                                                          2. Executions
                                                                            1. M. Antoniette
                                                                              1. Girondist
                                                                                1. 45.000 more people
                                                                            2. The Convention
                                                                              1. Louis XVI was accused of treason and then executed
                                                                                1. January 1793
                                                                                2. Europeans countries formed a coalition
                                                                                  1. They declared the war to France
                                                                                    1. To prevent the revolution from spreading
                                                                                  2. Robespierre
                                                                                    1. Jacobins took the power
                                                                                      1. They imposed a ditactorship, the Terror
                                                                                        1. They tried to deal with the activities of counter-revolutionaries
                                                                                          1. July 1794, Robespierre was remove from power
                                                                                  3. Directory & Consulate
                                                                                    1. In 1795, Moderate middle class took the control
                                                                                      1. 5 members
                                                                                        1. More conservative
                                                                                          1. Censitaury suffrage
                                                                                            1. Constitution of Year III
                                                                                            2. Radicals wanted to gain control
                                                                                              1. General Napoleon Bonaparte
                                                                                                1. Military coup
                                                                                                  1. Consulate
                                                                                                    1. 3 leaders, Napoleon was the First Consul
                                                                                          2. Started in 1789
                                                                                            1. Ended in 1804
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