Importance of Human Resource Management


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Importance of Human Resource Management
  1. the key functions of the RHM team incluide recruiting people, training them,performance appraisals, motivating employees as well as workplace communication, workplace safety, and much more
    1. Recruitment and Training This is one of the major responsibilities of the human resource team. The HR managers come up with plans and strategies for hiring the right kind of people. They design the criteria which is best suited for a specific job description
      1. performance appraisals HRM encourages the people working in an organisation, to work according to their potential and gives them suggestions that can help them to bring about improvement in it.
        1. Maintaining Work Atmosphere This is a vital aspect of HRM because the performance of an individual in an organisation is largely driven by the work atmosphere or work culture that prevails at the workplace
          1. Managing Disputes there are several issues on which disputes may arise between the employees and the employers. You can say conflicts are almost inevitable. In such a scenario, it is the human resource department which acts as a consultant and mediator to sort out those issues in an effective manner.
            1. The responsibility of establishing good public relations They organise business meetings, seminars and various official gatherings on behalf of the company in order to build up relationships with other business sectors. Sometimes, the HR department plays an active role in preparing the business and marketing plans for the organisation too.
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