Future tenses


Mind map with the future tenses. B2 level
Margarita Beatriz Vicente Aparicio
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Margarita Beatriz Vicente Aparicio
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Future tenses


    1. Something planned
      1. This year I'm going to recycle more rubbish
      2. Predictions based on evidences
        1. Do you see those clouds? It's going to rain.
        2. What we intend to do in the future
          1. I will study law at university
        3. WILL
          1. Predictions about the future
            1. You will get married with the Prince
            2. An arrangement, promise, a warning or a threat
              1. I will destroy your happiness
              2. An offer
                1. I'll close the window
                2. Sudden decision
                  1. Which one should I take...? I know! I'll take this one.
                3. PRESENT CONTINUOUS be _____ing
                  1. To determine or organize a future event or plan
                    1. I'm flying to Orlando this Tuesday
                  2. PRESENT SIMPLE
                    1. on time scheduled events
                      1. Our train arrives at 7:00 am
                    2. FUTURE CONTINUOUS will be ____ing
                      1. activity in progress in the future and in a specific moment
                        1. In 10 years from now, we'll be driving flying cars.
                      2. FUTURE PERFECT will have + 3rd column
                        1. Future actions that will be already finished at the future time we're speaking of
                          1. By the time we get home, my sister will have gone to bed.
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