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ingles tema7
  1. use
    1. who for people
      1. with for things and animals
        1. where for places
          1. whose to show possession
      2. what's the name of the man who created the internet
        1. the experiment which worked was the last one
          1. this is the town where albert einstein was born
            1. that 's the man whose sister discovered a new planet
          2. example
        2. non-defining relative clauses
          1. use
            1. to give extra information
              1. example
                1. this program,which is totally free,protects your computer against viruses
            2. defining relative clauses
              1. use
                1. to define who or what we are talking about
                2. example
                  1. this is the TV which works.this is the TV wich doesn't work
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