Economic Powers


Geography Mind Map on Economic Powers, created by Mercedes Angulo on 01/21/2014.
Mercedes Angulo
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Mercedes Angulo
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Economic Powers
  1. Traditional Powers
    1. USA
      1. World leading companies
        1. Entrepreneurial spirit
          1. Investment in research
            1. leader in scientific and technological advances
              1. Increases productivity and competitiveness
            2. quality university education
              1. higly skilled labour force
              2. large amount of natural resources and energy
                1. high flexibility
                  1. rapid adaptation to change
                  2. foreign investment
                    1. dollar - world most important currency
                      1. cosumption is very high
                        1. what occurs in the USA is extremely important to the rest of the world
                          1. weak points
                            1. families have heavy debt
                              1. US imports much more than it exports
                            2. JAPAN
                              1. E.U.
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