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Present Simple and Present Continuous


When do you use Present Simple and Present Continuous
Paola Cortes
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Paola Cortes
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Present Simple and Present Continuous
  1. When do I use?
    1. Present Simple
      1. Habits and routines, facts, states and regular situations
        1. Affirmative
          1. I, We, You, They
            1. Verbs continues the same
              1. I dance Salsa
            2. She, He, It
              1. Verbs change
                1. adding an "s", "es" or "ies"
                  1. She dances Salsa
                    1. He cries
                      1. He watches TV
                2. Negative
                  1. I, We, You, They
                    1. Do not, Don´t
                      1. I don´t read the newspaper
                    2. She, He, It
                      1. Does not, Doesn´t
                        1. She doesn´t dance Salsa
                    3. Interrogative
                      1. I, We, You, They
                        1. Do
                          1. Do they play soccer?
                        2. She, He, It
                          1. Does
                            1. Does he like the pizza?
                    4. Present Continuous
                      1. Action happening now, close to the time of speaking and temporary situation
                        1. Structure
                          1. Verb BE+Verb-ING
                            1. Interrogative
                              1. A form of BE + Subject + Verb ING
                                1. Am I reading a book?
                              2. Negative
                                1. Add the word NOT after the verb BE
                                  1. They are NOT taking a English class
                                2. Affirmative
                                  1. Subject + A form of BE + Verb ING
                                    1. She is cleaning her house
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