How do humans impact the enviroment?


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How do humans impact the enviroment?
  1. changes in the enviroment
    1. Population size
      1. Technology
        1. Energy
          1. Consumption patterns
          2. Until XIX C. very little changes.XX C. huge changes.
            1. Problems and solutions
              1. Problems
                1. Population growth
                  1. Wasteful consumer lifestyle
                    1. Economic activities
                      1. Lack of understanding of the enviroment's importance.
                      2. Solutions
                        1. Reduce human impact on the enviroment
                          1. Sustainable development
                          2. Recognize the importanceof ecoystems and promote their protection
                            1. Change human activity
                              1. Reduce consumption levels
                              2. Recover deteriorated systems
                              3. Global environmental challenges
                                1. UN promotes conferences


                                  • Kyoto protocol. It is an international agreement which aims to combat global warming.
                                  1. National policies and environmental offices
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