Gerunds and infinitives


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Gerunds and infinitives
  1. Gerund
    1. After certain verbs and expressions
      1. Like; love; enjoy; adore; fancy, feel, don´t mind; detest, hate; loathe; can´t stand; dislike; finish; avoid; give up; keep; miss; suggest; consider; imagine
        1. It´s not worth; it´s/there´s no use; there´s no point (in)
        2. After all prepositions except "to"
          1. On hearing the news, she burst into tears
            1. Exceptions
              1. To look forward to doing; to object to doing; to get used to doing
            2. After adj+prepos combinations
              1. Steven is fantastic at cooking Thai food
                1. Good; wonderful; fantastic; bad; awful; terrible at; happy; pleased; glad; anxious; sad; worried about; afraid; frightened; scared; terrified of; interested in; keen on; capable of; proud of; to have difficulty in
                2. After verb+prepos combinations
                  1. I don´t approve of people drinking and driving
                    1. Insist on; approve of; apologise for; consist of; believe in; succeed in; accuse someone of; congratulate someone on
                    2. After phrasal verbs
                      1. I gave up playing tennis when I hurt my knee
                    3. Infinitive
                      1. After verbs
                        1. I learnt to speak Spanish in Valencia
                          1. Afford; agree; ask; choose; help; hope; want; intend; pretend; promise; expect; prefer; used
                          2. After adjetives
                            1. I was surprised to see him at the party
                              1. Difficult; possible; happy; certain; simple
                              2. Verb+someone+to do something
                                1. I asked her to open the window
                                  1. Encourage; permit; allow; persuade; teach; force
                                  2. To express purpose
                                    1. I went to the shops to get some bread
                                    2. Without to
                                      1. After modals auxiliaries (can, must)
                                        1. After let, had better, would rather
                                          1. Make
                                            1. Active: I made him go to school
                                              1. Passive: He was made to go to school
                                          2. Both
                                            1. No change in meaning
                                              1. Start; begin; continue; attempt; intend; be accustomed to; be committed to; can´t bear
                                                1. The audience started to clap when the performance finished. The audience started clapping when the performance finished.
                                                2. Slight change in meaning
                                                  1. Prefer; like; hate; love
                                                    1. I like swimming (in general)
                                                      1. I like to swimm in the morning (talking about a habit)
                                                      2. Change in meaning
                                                        1. Try
                                                          1. I tried to open the window, but it was struck (I couldn´t do it)
                                                            1. It was hot, so I tried opening the window (an experiment)
                                                            2. Stop
                                                              1. I stopped her to get some petrol (purpose)
                                                                1. I stopped going to that garage when they put their prizes up (I didn´t go there any more)
                                                                2. Regret
                                                                  1. I regret to tell you that we have no more rooms (bad news)
                                                                    1. I regret no making more friends when I was at school (past event)
                                                                    2. Remember / Forget
                                                                      1. I remember/never forget going to New York on Concorde when I was a child (in the past)
                                                                        1. I must remember/musn´t forget to buy a newspaper while I´m out shopping (still hasn´t happened)
                                                                        2. Mean
                                                                          1. I mean to work had at university (intention)
                                                                            1. It will mean going to the library more often (the result)
                                                                            2. Go on
                                                                              1. When I finished shopping, I´ll go on to see a film (change of activity)
                                                                                1. Please don´t stop, go on showing us your photos (continue)
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