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University Dream by Milinett De Hostos


My Short story
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University Dream by Milinett De Hostos
  1. Exposition
    1. Cassie and Hailey were bestfriends until middle school. Cassie's father got a good job that pays well in Los Angeles, California, she had to move away from New York, where Hailey lives, with her family. They never saw each other again and their dream to go together to Stanford University left behind.
    2. Rising Action
      1. Hailey wants to go to Stanford but her parents did not care for her and they did not want to pay for her studies.
      2. Climax
        1. Even though she sent an application for a scholarship to Stanford, she kept looking for other options in her state that she could pay.
        2. Falling Action
          1. When she almost gave up on her dream University she receive a letter from Stanford saying that she was admitted.
          2. Resolution
            1. When she got to her room in the University, she saw that her roommate was Cassie, her childhood best friend.
            2. Characters
              1. Protagonist: Hailey
                1. Antagonist: Hailey's parents
                  1. Secondary: Cassie and her father
                  2. Setting
                    1. New York and Los Angeles, California
                    2. Point of view
                      1. Third person
                      2. Theme
                        1. Don't give up on dreams
                        2. Conflict
                          1. Haile's parents didn't want to pay for her college so she could not go to her dream University, Stanford.
                          2. Atmosphere
                            1. Sadness, happiness, cruelty and anger
                            2. Mood
                              1. Sad and disappointed
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