General Systems Theory


Explains of general systems theory.
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General Systems Theory
  1. System
    1. Consisting of the network of all communication channels used within an organization.
      1. System concepts include
        1. - System, environment, boundary. - Input, Output, Process, State, Hierarchy, Goal Directedness, Information.
          1. Examples of system
            1. Respiratory System
              1. Solar System
          2. Network Security System: the objective of NS includes protection of information and property from theft, corruption or natural disaster, while allowing the information and property to remain accesible and productive to its intended users.
            1. Examples: Firewall
        2. Hystory
          1. In 1936
            1. Ludwig Von Bertalanffy
              1. He developed the general systems theory
                1. In 1955 This theory was further developed by
                  1. Ross Ashby
                    1. Born in September 6, 1903 in London. He studied and became a doctor at Cambridge University. He was president for the society of general systems research from 1962-1964. He died in 1972
                      1. Was widely influential in Cybernetics, systems theory and complex systems.
                  2. GST Facts
                    1. Bertalanffy expressed that real systems are exposed to, and work together with, their environments and can obtain qualitatively new properties through development resulting in constant development.
                  3. Born September 19, 1901 in Atzgersdorf, Austria. He studied philosophy of science and biology and eventually to study biology at the university of Vienna. He died in Buffalo, New York in 1972.
              2. What is?
                1. A model of set of interrelated principles and concepts that explains an organizations complex entities.
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